Parking Instructions | Littlefield Lofts

You've now secured a parking pass, so please take a look at the instructions below to ensure you'll know how to make the best of it!



Go to this address: 508 Brazos Street, Austin TX 78701


Pull a parking ticket for initial access into the parking garage. 
IMPORTANT: Please keep this parking ticket until your final departure.


Head all the way to the top of the parking garage – Level 9 and follow the arrow signs back down. This is a one-way parking garage so please follow these exact instructions or else you will not be able to access the door to your loft!
Rooftop Square


You will see red signs labeled “Littlefield Lofts” that will indicate what lofts are on that floor (301 – 308, 501 – 508 or 701-708). The lofts are accessible from all odd numbered floors (3, 5 and 7). Please park on your corresponding floor and locate the lofts’ access door.


Use the exterior door code located in your check-in email to enter.
Loft Access


Your parking pass will be waiting for you in your home for all following exits and entrances.


To use your parking pass, simply tap the pass on the parking kiosk and the gates will open for you!
Parking Kiosk
*If you have issues with your pass you need to call the parking garage and let them know you are a guest with Top Trip Rentals and your pass is not working. There is a call button on the parking meter. Their direct phone line is also 512-536-1145. Top Trip Rentals does not manage the parking garage and cannot assist you in the event of technical difficulties with your parking pass.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us at (512) 522-TRIP!