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#The 410

The 410–A House Cocktail for the Graeber Home

The 410 drink created by Mixologist JR Mocanu.

When it came time to create a house cocktail for our historic Graeber Home located in the heart of Austin’s famed 6th Street, we chose Barmadillo partner Mixologist JR Mocanu. His mission–to merge both traditional and modern elements to accurately reflect the building’s historic significance and modern updates.

With this in mind, we present–“The 410”–a mix of all locally-sourced spirits that looks sweet but tastes substantial (it’s the bitters). All ingredients used in “The 410” were available to barkeeps in the 19th century in keeping with the historic provenance of the building and yet combine in a modern way to celebrate the home’s remodel and renovations in the mid-20th century.

So, the next time you stay with us at the Graeber, request a batch of “The 410” to greet you for your stay. Cheers.

The 410 drink created by Mixologist JR Macanu.
“The 410” cocktail, created by Mixologist JR Mocanu.

September 2, 2016