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Bloomhouse bursts with style in West Elm Partnership

With a home as special as the Bloomhouse, Chereen Fisher, owner of Top Trip Rentals, sought to provide an unparalleled guest experience to complement the architecture and setting. To achieve this, she partnered with modern home furnishings company West Elm to bring the ethereal vision of the Bloomhouse to life.

“It’s a work of art that guests can enjoy with all of their senses,” is how Chereen described the Bloomhouse’s transformation. “This is our first vacation home completely curated for a singular Top Trip experience,” she added. Every single detail–lighting, books, furniture, sound and scents–were chosen to match the level of whimsy and modernism that the architecture of the Bloomhouse inspires.

When West Elm came on board, the design team wanted to mirror the shapes and sights of the unique space. “I wanted everything to be very organic and flowing because in this home, your eye never stops,” said Kara Olson, Texas District Designer for West Elm, “I kept the look consistent so that everything contained the shapes and character of the home: the ceramics, the fabrics, the linens.”

See how the interiors match the elegance factor of the groundbreaking architect Charles Harker’s organic design.

The Living Space

A magical setting like the Bloomhouse deserves equally transcendent interiors. Here, a West Elm Clara Sleeper Sofa piled with pillows and a throw envelop the guest in modern comfort. The glass and walnut Marcio Display Coffee Table holds art and design books giving guests a reason to linger. Photo credit: @SabrinaBeanATX

Sweet Dreams

Imagine sleeping inside a fluffy cocoon with views of a private canyon. This is the fantastical place of dreams. All linens, bed, and even the slumber scent have been inspired by the home and its natural surroundings. Seen here with West Elm’s organic and fair-sourced Melange Jacquard Duvet Cover and 400-thread count organic cotton sheets. Photo credit: @SabrinaBeanATX

Sublime Setting

At long last, relax. Soothing sights and sounds are all thought of in this curated home including a custom Spotify playlist of more than 60 songs cued up on the Sonos. There’s even a house cocktail crafted with local spirits to match the vibe of the home. Photo Credit: @SabrinaBeanATX


Portal to Another World

Zen out at the dining nook with a cup of tea or power through a work deadline with views of the canyon through the portal window of this serene space. Feel inspired to write, create, think, or meditate from this otherworldly spot. Photo Credit: @SabrinaBeanATX

Outdoor Oasis Awaits

Enjoy your own private deck overlooking a dry creek canyon in West Lake Hills just west of Austin. West Elm’s Capsule Living Collection and outdoor accessories provide classic comfort outside. Photo Credit: @SabrinaBeanATX

The Big Picture

Step back and take it all in: the custom-created stairs up to the kitchen, the hand-carved cherry wood bar, and the wall of glass doors leading to decks jutting out into the hill country canyon. It’s time to recharge, rejuvinate, and be reinvigorated for what comes after your stay at the Bloomhouse. Photo Credit: @SabrinaBeanATX


To book your stay in this modernist masterpiece, see the Top Trip Rentals website. To read more about the provenance of the Bloomhouse, peruse our blog on the home and its history.

September 23, 2018

Escape to the fantastical Bloomhouse in hills west of Austin

For a true one-of-a-kind travel experience, you do not want to miss reserving a stay at the restored Bloomhouse in the hills west of Austin. Featured in an exhibit on modern homes at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the home comes with a fine arts pedigree but also is just a cool place to hang out as evidenced by its inclusion in Austin’s 2018 Weird Homes Tour™. Spending time here is like taking a vacation inside of a work of art. Now fully restored, the Bloomhouse is offered for vacation stays exclusively through Top Trip Rentals.

Situated on a secluded lot and wonderfully restored by new owners Austinites Dave and Susan Claunch, the Bloomhouse is a celebration of all things wonderful and whimsical.

Photo Credit: Laura Levilly-Deola

Fairytale setting for a magical home

The word magical is used with too much frequency from the mouths of real estate hawkers everywhere. Very few places in this world are truly magical. Yet, the location for the Bloomhouse in the 1970s was one of those places that delivered on the hype. Hippies of all stripes were drawn to the hills west of Austin for its rugged beauty and relative isolation just outside of the Austin city limits. Into that setting came a UT architecture student, Charles Harker, and a man with a mission, Dalton Bloom, to build a home away from society that would be a monument to the idea of craftsmanship and ecological living immersed in nature.

The goal was a home that would not only protect you from the elements but allow you to live in harmony with the environment. This quixotic vision meant to provide the home dweller a place apart, a palace of peace, a place at one with nature, a place so removed and separate that for many years there was no address, just a location.

And then the hippie dream disappeared into the 1980s Austin real estate boom, like so much pot smoke wafting away in the hot Central Texas breeze. And there in the hills, the Bloomhouse waited. It would need just the right person who could see the home’s potential to bring this work of art back from the brink.

Bloomhouse Reborn

And then the home’s fortunes shifted on a chance event. In 2017 Dave Claunch, owner of Liaison Creative+Marketing and a former mayor of West Lake Hills, Texas, saw a real estate ad fall out of an Austin Business Journal for the Bloomhouse — a local legend that he had learned about during his time as Mayor. Claunch was struck with a mission at that moment to save and preserve this one-of-a-kind house. Since buying the home, Claunch has spent more than a year meticulously restoring the home with period details considered and included.

Living inside a dream or visiting the Bloomhouse? Hard to tell. Photo Credit: Laura Levilly-Deola

It’s an adventure

When you drive away from the shores of the Lake Austin heading through West Lake Hills on your way to the Bloomhouse, you are not certain where you are headed but you know it’s up. Up, up, up, and up the high road. The Bloomhouse is literally located off of a road called High Road. With unbelievable views of downtown Austin receding in your rearview mirror, you find the side street where the house awaits in a valley nestled within the heavily wooded landscape.

Bumping along the gravel road, you see her, the fantastical beast in the clearing and you laugh out loud at the ridiculousness, the joy, the sheer courage of a house built to please. Is it a white wolf in the clearing? A merengue sculpture? A mirage? You appear to have entered another planet’s architectural heritage.

Happily Ever After

When you stay at the Bloomhouse, you are entering a setting where magic can and should happen. Without one straight line or corner in the entire structure, your thoughts are free of the constraints that our angular world creates. At the Bloomhouse, we have left behind the place of modernity, the place of logic, we are living in whimsy. We are alive in a fairy tale of our own making. Let the story begin.

To reserve your happily ever after, visit Top Trip Rentals.


by René Craft, Top Trip Rentals’ Lifestyle blogger


August 24, 2018